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Erased them all

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Boundaries, limitations and hesitations;
I have erased them all

Fears that were groping my heart,

Nine Months

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After restful summer vacations it started in the month of July.


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Kuch thahra thahra sa mausam hai
Kuch thahri thahri si saansey hain;

Tapping the Juvenile Energy

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Any society that does not succeed in tapping into the energy and creativity of its youth will be left behind.–Kofi Annan

We are all complaining that teenagers are most of the time playing violent games on mobiles these days.Their aggressive behavior is on the rise and tolerance levels are almost nil.


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Waqt kuch aisa hi hai;
Kahin pe daud rha or kahin pe thehra sa hai

Kisi pe bhari pda or kisi ke hath se nikla,

Kitni girhein

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Seeney mei fir ek or girha bun gyi hai kahin,

The Art of Deceiving

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How good are we becoming in putting up a facade of lies these days?


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Abhi kuch baras pehle tak to mere pas hua krta tha,


We all have been conditioned so much to take nonsense at every level that like a frog in a water pan being heated slowly,


Last week the story that shook the whole country was the CBI’s finding of Ryan killing.