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We all have been conditioned so much to take nonsense at every level that like a frog in a water pan being heated slowly, we keep on raising one leg and adjusting with another. By the time the realization comes that something is wrong, we are boiled down to our bones. What is the best thing to do when one realizes that its not the right place or relationship for them? Now,it all depends upon when does this realization occur? The sooner the better.

‘Bloom where you are planted’ is righteously stated (in normal circumstances). But sometimes the soil where you are planted becomes so toxic that you have to move in order to survive. Well!! Saplings can be uprooted and planted anywhere anytime, they will adapt and grow.Problem arises with the full fledged plants with deep roots anchoring them to the soil. You uproot them and try to plant them somewhere else, chances are they will wilt first and if are able to cope up they will grow. When the last bit of your vigor and zest has been squeezed out of you, how can you survive the other world?
On the other hand if one gets inspired by the story of an eagle,one can bare all and take the plunge.When the eagle loses its power to fly because of its withering feathers ,it plucks them one by one,enduring the pain in the process and risks its life until a new lot grows.With regenerated power and agility its ready to fly to the new horizons.

So, what is the right path to be taken ? To leave your comfort zone,to take risks,to infuse a new life,to undergo some pain,to plunge into the fire to be a hardened soul. Now that depends upon whether you are temperamentally like a plant or an eagle.

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