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Mercy killing as the name goes is actually helping out the  person in pain. When the living is so painful because of some ailment and the person is confined to bed, is dying every second in pain and helplessness, then mercy killing is the only option and hope for that soul to come out of that state. Passive euthanasia is practiced in some cases but there is need for active euthanasia being legalized. Yes, I believe that a strong will to live in odd circumstances where one is struggling to live in dignity with ones ailment helps but there are times when a person who cannot even move without help and is in unbearable pain then euthanasia is the only answer.

Guzaarish was one such move where the writer director of the movie tried to put forward the condition of mind of the person who goes through immense pain emotionally, trapped inside a body that cannot move. We have right to live then we should also have right to die, to die with dignity, to die so that our soul can live.

..Is  tarah  se na bandoh is jism ki kaid mei mujhe,

ke tarasta hu mai bhi uth ke hwa mei bikharti

khushboo ko chooney ke liye.

Zra riha kardo ke mai bhi sans le lu,

phoolon mei khil k kahin.

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