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Nine Months

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After restful summer vacations it started in the month of July. Struggling with the dilemma of being in the same job or to test the new horizons, it was time to take some action. Whether 50k package was worth the nervous breakdown!… This constant thought was boggling me. Wanted to breathe freely, to enjoy the showers of bliss, wanted to be with my kids without any added burden of thoughts. So July it was, the first month, inception of a new idea and I, leisurely started looking for some bright prospects.
First two three months were full of nausea and morning sickness as each morning I religiously started scanning the classifieds. As an expectant new mother wanted the best Doctor and nursing home, similarly the hunt went on for making documentaries on schools,be a consultant, joining Red Cross as a project head to becoming subject expert in a school board. After running around for some time met a wise lady, a principal of a reputed school in Chandigarh who advised me to go for a principal or vice principals job in preprimary schools. It was like giving me a dose of iron, calcium and folic acid needed in those months. They acted as a boost for my morale.
September and October the third and fourth months brought a healthy glow of confidence as I started getting calls for such jobs. By fifth month I started getting advices from near and dear ones about what and what not to do. Some of great help yet some creating utter confusion. But in my mind I was clear about what I wanted. Peaceful and passionate working atmosphere.
In all these months met some wonderful persons who were so kind, gentle and soothing to my soul giving me the exact feeling as of looking at the ultrasound reports of the life in you.
November end I was called by a school that was about to open a junior branch. Wonderful people, treated me well and I cleared first two rounds. Some insider told me that it is almost final that I have made it but turned out to be the false pains. Quite embarrassing but quite normal in the seventh month (it was December).
Another opportunity another high profile school opening junior branch in the city, filled the forms, cleared written test, cleared all rounds, being considered as one of the contenders and then what happened next is still a mystery. Again false pains but this time with cramps, spotting and heartache. Suddenly all activities ceased as if being told to be on complete bed rest.
It was February, the eighth month , a crucial one. Took that time to regain my energy and confidence. For that one month piece by piece a new life was taking its final shape ,gaining weight ,tossing and turning inside me. Sleepless nights yet full of anticipation a dream was going to become reality soon. Finally exactly after nine months on March 16th the birth of a beautiful daughter PRADARSHIKA took place. Pradarshika my light, my pride ,my Shakti, my Deivi. A beautiful gift by the almighty.

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