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Khamoshion mei kein raaz chhipe hain,

Kein taraaney kein saaz chhipe hain;

Fading Rainbows

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Few days back Shoojit Sircar requested authorities to urgently ban reality shows involving children.


Behney do is kashti ko lehron ke bhanwar mei;

‘Dear Maya’ Movie Review

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When you see something like this, its taste lingers on for a long time in your memory.

The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm

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Erich Fromm was a German American psychologist and philosopher.In this book Fromm sees love as an aspect of autonomy.For him love is an art,its an answer to the problem of human existence.In his theory of love he describes love between parent and child ,brotherly love,motherly love,erotic love,self love and love of God.


Utha dugdugi, chal jamoorey, madari ne fir se bulaya hai

pehan makhauta,


Kashmakash mei hi niklti hai yahan har kisi ki zindgi,


Woh  jisey  manzil na mili

khud kisi ki rah ban gya,


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Slavery is founded on the selfishness

of man’s nature,


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In this age of marketing,everything depends upon the packaging.How beautifully you present the things;How attractive and appealing a product looks.Yes,it is a sad truth that we go for eye catching advertisements and products.But I wonder since when this attitude of ours seeped into the majority of professions where hard work,knowledge,dedication and honesty were the measuring tools for one’s performance.Most of the institutes want  attractive females as receptionists,beautiful and handsome staff members.It seems as if there is no place for people who show no attitude,who are simple in their living.Is it my middle age crisis or is it that suddenly I have started noticing certain things around me that I never did before.