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Tapping the Juvenile Energy

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Any society that does not succeed in tapping into the energy and creativity of its youth will be left behind.–Kofi Annan

We are all complaining that teenagers are most of the time playing violent games on mobiles these days.Their aggressive behavior is on the rise and tolerance levels are almost nil. No more field games ,lack of physical activities and mounting pressure of the society to fair well in studies ,all these things are taking its toll on our youth .
The surging hormones and soaring energy levels of these teenagers then make them to engage in stupid and mindless fights like cockfights in the village square. They are not to be blamed for all this. In fact, they need an outlet for their energies .Until and unless we give the right direction and plan to do so these kinds of aggressive incidents will be common everywhere.

Adding fuel to the fire is the role of media where unnecessary importance is given to the academic excellence only and only such achievements are being highlighted. Come May and June and hype is created all around about the results of 10th and 12th .With academic grades and positions taking the center stage of the education system teenagers get very little time for the physical activities and community service events to feel connected to the society. How nice it would be if educational institutes proudly showcase the best citizens doled out by them .

The need of the hour is to have NCC and such similar activities for our youth in every educational institute to channelize their energy towards a right cause. Train them to be traffic martials, to manage natural disasters so that they can proudly serve the community they live in. Why can’t we instill values ,discipline and passion in our youth and make them capable of helpful towards the community and responsible towards their country. Our youth needs a right direction and focus of being a responsible citizen along with a bright future.
Extracurricular activities should include yoga , meditation, community service activities etc. not just for the sake of uploading the photographs on the school site but getting them involved in planning, organizing and executing the event. Make them hold community kitchens for the poor and homeless, donate clothes to the needy ,go for tree plantation drive at barren lands, cleanup operations ,cyclothons to save the environment and many more such events.

Preaching them with lectures on good behavior and giving merits or demerits won’t work anymore .It’s about time to give an outlet to the pent-up energies inside the classrooms stuffed with gadgets and Ac’s .Let them bathe in the sunshine ,get drenched in the sweat of hard work, tone their muscles by lifting their spirits .Trust in them and give them responsibilities.

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