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Kuch thahra thahra sa mausam hai
Kuch thahri thahri si saansey hain;
Thahra sa waqt,thahrey se qadam
Kuch thahri thahri si dil ki dhadknei hain

Mun ke raston pe, khaboon ki patjhad mei,
bikharei hue kuch lamhei hain;
unko batorti si thahri thahri si yaadein hain

Khamoshion mein uljhi si,
Koi sira tatolti nigahein;
roshni ki talaash mei, thahri thahri si rahein

Thahre se aasman mei,bikhre se sitaaron ko dekhte hue
udney ki chah liye,naye pankhon ko sehlatey hue
sehmi sehmi si honslon ki hawaein hain;
Thahrey se mausam mei ,thahri thahri si sansey hain….

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