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The Art of Deceiving

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How good are we becoming in putting up a facade of lies these days? Everywhere you see whether it is Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp; everyone is busy sharing their best of smiles and poses. Suddenly life has become so joyful and happy for everyone. But is it so?? I really wish that was the case! Actually it’s a way of convincing ourselves that this is the kind of life we want to have.
Wearing a mask of smiling face to lift others up is good. Problem lies when people act too good to please others and then backstab them. Alas!! In this world of appearances we prefer wolves in sheep’s clothing.
Daily newspapers are carrying stories of suicides of young and old. In this era of fast growing gadgets and social media we are losing real social connections. Lonely souls are wandering everywhere as there is no one to understand and identify the pain brimming through their eyes. Actually we have honed the art of deceiving, whether it’s the pain we carry in our hearts, the true feelings we feel for someone, the suffocation of a job or feeling of helplessness in current situations. We very well know how to mask all these feelings. We have become so cultured that we beautifully butcher the hopes and aspirations.
We knew the Art of Loving, we learnt the Art of Living and now we have become the masters of the Art of Deceiving.

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