Last week the story that shook the whole country was the CBI’S  finding of Ryan’s killing.  A 16 year old boy killed a junior of the same school just to get  exams and PTM postponed !! It is not only the boy who is responsible but in some way we all are responsible too.

What have we done to the structure of our society? Where are we taking our kids to? Think about the stress that boy was undergoing that he took such a drastic step. It is because we have become so much result oriented that all we expect from our kids is to excel in exams and to get good grades. No one is bothered about values, ethics and emotional ties.

As an anthropologist I am observing a major structural change in the society and its value system.The intricate web of emotional security is being eroded slowly by too much of materialistic approach of the society.

There was much hue and cry about the security in schools, role of the teachers came under scanner but what about we as parents, we as a society ? We all are responsible for this kind of behavior and we all have to pull up our socks, each one of us because this is alarming.

Child rearing patterns have changed drastically. An emotional vacuum has been created amongst the children who grow up without values or goals because parents have no time for them.In this current millennium, children are getting less nurturing and support from within their family.They are spending more and more time in front of televisions,computers,phones and i-pads.The creation of urban conglomerates has changed family organization and habits and in return it has affected human relationships and family life.

One of the leading violence researchers, Sarnoff A. Mednick, Proff. Of Psychology has concluded that “ social and family factors are probably more significant than any other causes of violence”.In studying violent children ,Dr Lewis found that about four- fifths have witnessed extreme violence directed at themselves or others, usually in their own homes.

This is just the tip of the Iceberg .Time to wake up !!!!